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At Arches Ferry Dental, our mission is to provide compassionate, tailored care to teens and young adults ages 12-25 in the Milton and Alpharetta area. We aim to make every visit comfortable while delivering quality treatments specific to your child’s needs.

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Get To Know Dr. R. Miles Bell

After graduating dental school from the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Bell completed an internship in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the Oral Surgical Institute in Nashville, TN. During this time he gained extensive experience in anesthesia, oral surgery, 3D radiology, and the management and compliance of both outpatient and mobile surgical practices.

After returning to his home state of Georgia, Dr. Bell had the privilege of providing care to thousands of patients from communities who have limited or no access to oral surgery providers. During this time Dr. Bell noticed a recurring trend where teenage patients and their parents were repeatedly having to make the same winding pathway between their primary care dentists, oral surgery providers, and orthodontists which puts some strain on patients, parents, and providers to ensure every stage of treatment is adequately coordinated.

Inspired to create a singular home for these patients and their parents, Dr. Bell then furthered his postdoctoral education in orthodontics with a special focus on the young and growing patient. Now, Dr. Bell is able to offer his varied background to serve patients in an environment that speaks specifically to them and their parents. Additionally, if the patient does require a referral to one of the many local specialists for treatment, then Dr. Bell is able to ease the coordination and communication between all parties.

Outside of the office, Dr. Bell can be found either hiking through the trails with his trusty truffle dog, exploring a new city with his lovely wife, or relaxing near a body of water with them both by his side.

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Meet Our Wonderful Team

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Our team is made up of thoughtful professionals who genuinely care about our patients. We work together to make visits to Arches Ferry Dental as comfortable as possible.

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What to expect


Our office is designed to be warm and welcoming at every step, from check-in to check-out. We know how valuable and important the time and experience is for both our patients and their parents. Accordingly, our families are offered their own private waiting rooms for each appointment time. These flexible spaces allow parents to settle in for their visit, and should they choose to take care of some work, make a phone call, or watch a movie, they can do so in a close enough proximity to stay in the loop on their child's care while also provide just enough space for their child to begin taking some independence in his or her healthcare.


To streamline your experience, we kindly ask that you bring a photo ID and any insurance cards (if using). You can even fill out any new patient forms ahead of time here on our site, but if you would rather fill them out when you arrive, that’s fine too!

Shaping the Next Generation

Personal Development Events

Our patients are the future – and we believe in helping them gain the confidence and inspiration to find their footing as they grow into young adults and begin making their mark on the world. Arches Ferry has big plans in the works to help guide and inspire our patients and their peers onward and upwards both personally and professionally.

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