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Oral Surgery in Alpharetta, GA

At Arches Ferry Dental, we’re proud to offer truly comprehensive care for patients between the ages of 12 and 25, and that includes oral surgery. We know that oral surgery is often our patients’ first experience with surgery of any kind, so we take extra time to ensure every patient feels comfortable, safe, and receives the best care possible.

Alpharetta, GA oral surgery

Why would my teen need Oral Surgery?

We understand that the thought of oral surgery can sound serious, but it is often necessary, especially for patients aged 12-25. Many patients require extractions or surgical exposure of impacted teeth to prepare for orthodontic treatment, address common issues, and prevent future complications. Moving forward with these treatments, if recommended by Dr. Bell, can help keep your child’s oral health intact and streamline future care.

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Some people never develop wisdom teeth.

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Expert Surgical Care

Dr. Bell has years of surgical experience, and has helped thousands of patients with his gentle, conservative, and evidence-based approach to care.

Impacted Tooth Management

Dr. Bell specializes in managing impacted teeth, ensuring comprehensive treatment for this common dental issue. From surgical exposure to extractions, we can alleviate discomfort, prepare your teen for orthodontic treatment, and preserve their oral health.

Soothing Sedation Options

We prioritize your comfort and offer a range of sedation choices to ease anxiety and pain during treatment. Your peace of mind is paramount, and our sedation options ensure a relaxed and pain-free experience throughout your visit.

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The Benefits of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can prepare your teen for orthodontics, relieve their pain, and set them up for a lifetime of health and well being.

Prepare for Orthodontics

Impacted teeth can cause crowding and other alignment issues, so either extracting or exposing the teeth in question is often performed in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

Relieve Pain & Discomfort

When a tooth is impacted, infected, or severely decayed, it can cause excruciating pain for your teen. In some cases an extraction may be necessary to remove the issue and restore their health.

Prevent Further Issues

By addressing dental problems early, we can prevent future complications and keep your teen’s oral health on track.

The Oral Surgery Treatment Process

Treatment Planning & Preparation

Alpharetta dentist Dr. Bell guide you and your teen through their treatment plan, the associated surgery, what to expect on the procedure day, and how to prepare. He also takes extra time getting to know every patient, and what makes them comfortable, and will make recommendations for sedation options when necessary.

Day of Surgery

Patients who are old enough to drive will need a ride to and from their surgery appointment if they are undergoing any form of sedation. Dr. Bell will provide you with specific instructions about what to expect from your teen’s procedure.

Healing & Aftercare

Healing times vary from patient to patient, procedure to procedure, but some swelling and discomfort for a few days following treatment is completely normal. We recommend sticking to a soft-food diet for 2-3 days, and to treat pain or discomfort with over the counter medications. Dr. Bell will also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, including details about what’s normal and what isn’t after oral surgery. We’re also always just a call away if you have questions or need additional guidance!

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